ROA Buying Process
Simple & Seamless

  1. Pick up application forms from any of our offices or visit our website, and either download the form, print, scan and forward to our email address or contact us
  2. Upon submission of the application form, subscribers would be issued a provisional offer letter for the unit(s) of interest and advised of the equity contribution due to be paid which is a minimum of 10% of the value of the unit(s)
  3. Submit the evidence of payment of the equity contribution at any of our offices thereafter, we would notify you via email/text message within 5 working days to come and pick up the following documents from our office
    1. Receipt of payment
    2. Invoice of outstanding exposure
    3. Letter of offer
  4. This would be followed by commencement of process of executing Purchases and Sales Agreement
  5. At completion of full payment either by Mortgage Loan or Structured Payment, a Deed of Assignment would be processed and executed and handed over to you or the subscriber’s bank where applicable.

“Great relationships are  built on 2 things; Respect and Trust”

Chief (Dr.) Alexander Chika Okafor OON, KSC. (Group Executive Chairman)

Why Buy With Us?

Rock of Ages Properties PLC is a full-fledged real estate development company having within its team of personnel, full fledged professionals specialized to do what they do best – TO DELIVER QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE HOMES.

Buying a home can be daunting and tasking which is why our  highly trained and experienced real estate sales team are just a phone call away to meet with you to understand your home buying needs.