Mini Rock City Lugbe

Mini Rock City Lugbe

Rock City Estate is the proposed Mixed-use Development that Rock of Ages PLC and the United Workers Housing Scheme plans to deliver.

This entire development is to be built on total of 443 hectares which is made up of two parcels of land separated by an arterial road located off the Abuja Airport road. The site has a harmonious blend of nature including nice rocky outcrop and beautiful stream, both of which have been incorporated into the design to recreate an elegant recreational park for the residents’ relaxation.

The entire site is bounded at the south by the Inner Southern Express which is the road coming from the games village and leading to the technology village.

This development has been well thought out to offer its residents and users conducive environment to have quality life style which also guarantees a good neighborhood to live, work and play.

House Types on offer for sale are:

  • 2 bedroom apartments
  • 3 bedroom apartments
  • 3 bedroom duplex in terrace of 4
  • 4 bedroom duplex in terrace of 4
  • 4 bedroom semi-detached
  • 4 bedroom detached
  • 5 bedroom detached

The project will be delivered with social amenities such as:

  • Neighborhood Centre and Park
  • Schools (Nursery, Primary & Secondary)
  • Religious Institutions (Church / Mosque)
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Filling Stations
  • Commercial Centers
  • Recreation Centers
  • Green Area
  • Hotels
  • Office space
  • Residential developments
  • Civic center
  • Shopping malls and Lock up shops
  • Post office
  • Library
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Fire stations


  • Date: April, 2019
  • Location: Lugbe, Abuja
  • Client: United Workers Housing Scheme
  • Category: Ongoing, Residential
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